Poem -


There's one thing that even Atheists believe in
It's something we trample
We defile
We cover
Something we...
spit on
piss on
shit on
We dig it
and move it
and set tracks in it
feet and shoes
tyres and rollers
We rarely expect it to shake
Always surprised to feel it quake
Expect it to stay still
Until the time we alot to drill 
And from it we get
bricks... and...
cement from sand
Mine it for gold and oil
Consume the produce
of the soil
It's the source of our gems
that tie all our covenants
And if we're feeling lost
that's when we stare at it
We scan it for a meaning that's behind or below
We view its invisibility to ease
the turmoil in our anxious minds
And into it we hope to hide
when our shame is more than bearable
It is the ground
It's always shareable
It is a gift from God
esteemed a goddess
We seldom think about
the way we polute it
and uproot it
This plane-yet-sphere
defies all our abuse
It aches our soles
Yet nurtures our
But in the end
it gets its dues
and swallows us whole

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