Poem -

Happiness Anyone?

Ok here I go 
Wading in where angels dare not tread
I am well into maturity
Enough to be able to have a pretty long rear view.
I have recently undergone the 
Death of a life time spouse 
After 36 years of marriage
The loss of our home 
The loss of vehicles
No income from retirement save social security 
I will have to go to work to 
My entire family is deceased
His family is deceased
Our children are well off but aloof
I am literally starting over
I do have a great dog
A grateful broken heart
Grateful for the life lessons 
That have been given unto me
By a divine source that loves us and gave us free will
For the opportunity to be put in places to hear and learn 
About the law of attraction
How it applies to me and everyone
I also got through a course in miracles
Was that ever mind blowing
Everything happens for a reason
There are no accidents in this 
Or any of God's universe
We are not random carbon
Based units just populating some random star
We are powerfully and miraculously made 
We are co creators of this world 
We are creators of our lives
I am grateful beyond words
So for what it is worth
If you are finding yourself set with adversity
With social status in flux
Count yourself blessed
you are not alone 


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Cherie Leigh

Hi Violet....My heart goes out to you.  I cannot fathom the huge feeling of loss after being married over 36 years and losing that person that has always been a part of your life must feel surreal.  I am so sorry for all the losses that have come with your husband's death.  Financial stress is the worst! I have to plan and find creative ways to take care of my children.  I understand the worry.  I wish you much success in getting back on your feet.  I will pray for you.  The key is to cling to faith as you state in your poem...to know that God is in control throughout all our struggles...We never lose his presence with us in all.  This really got to me.  Thank you for sharing.  xo  ;)   

Violet Freese

It didn't come easy this view. I was fighting mad at God.  I was more mad deep down at myself. For I felt it was my fault if only I had made him do this or not let him do that. If I had been at the hospital earlier if  ànd more self doubt.  Finally after allowing me to get punched around a bit by myself and you know our dark accuser.  The spirit finally howlered stop enough already. You need to knock it off and listen to me ..  Finally I just gave it all to God and released all the anger and guilt.  I forgot what huge arms he has. How loving our Lord is.  I will always remember the very real experience of the holy Spirit and Christ Consciousness taking intercession in my life.  They get all the glory thank you Cherie for your kind words. Hi