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Happiness rediscovered

Happiness rediscovered

I once used to hold you 
I felt my whole life was complete, 
But you surprised my heart, & left
For someone I knew, & couldn't compete, 
I saw you sometimes & we held each other 
Everything I held for you,was on a string, 
I tried to stumble through, each everyday 
But without you,my heart did no longer sing, 
For everyday we did know deep inside 
Our feelings,they never changed at all, 
I sat alone,thinking only of you 
Always,everyday hoping you would call, 
Then one day,my heart relit its warmth 
You told me, your feelings for him & me, 
You again,told me that you would return 
And finally, you made my wishes clear to see, 
Now,at last I can once again, hold you
And there's no longer, a hole in my life, 
Your kisses, your body, the touch of yours 
Thankfully, wipes away any felt strife, 
We make love, so much, I feel so secure 
We must place the past we had,far behind, 
And again, awaken, the strong love we had
Which I can safely say, that I don't need to find, 
We always had something special, the two of us 
We still have the love, we will always hold, 
I long to place a ring on your finger 
For a happiness rediscovered, til we grow old, 
So take me please, if you'll ever have me
As a man, who will always know, 
That there's a loving heart that beats for you 
And always will,as it continues to grow. 

‚Ě£ÔłŹDedicated to someone special in my past.¬†

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I really hope that she is there to stay with you. All the best x