Poem -

having everything -and nothing left to hold

She is craving spiral circles
and carving  crucified  Angels
while its 5am and the joggers dance on by
having everything is nothing left to hold
selling the concrete city for a soul
shes not homeless
not alone
and drifting mountains fall at her toes

on fire
desperate in jewel desire
glass screams screen the visions
on flatworld plastic leather deaths
spilling from the rotten fruit
human seed
scatters before the ladies disease
having everything is nothing to hold

skinless  treble xxx shows
i ride a vodka stain
across a books page
to mark the stretched sage
watching her walking on the gutters
slipping and laughing
about a crazy day
silence follows like a good lapdog
and hidden in a shadow hides the true love

strings of balloons
chained to a drum
beaten and mellow
seated on bottle tops
thrown to a throne in blood

she shouts
having everything
is nothing left to hold
but streams of cloudy people
just rush on down the flow

because having everything is all they know

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