Poem -


He wanders this city on his own and alone 
It's night time when he starts to moan and groan 
No one listens to what he has to say 
No time for people like him and go on their way 

He looks for an alleyway for somewhere to rest
Having something to eat is proving a difficult test 
No one pays any attention to this man  
Who gets through life like only he can 

He is just another one of life's forgotten and ignored 
No longer loved and no longer adored 
There for the grace of God go I  
A tale so tragic that it makes you cry

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al Bikaadi

Having been homeless several points across my lifetime, I can really appreciate the sentiment. Sadly, I am not a millionaire and live in a boarding house so I can't help others who I see living as I was. All I can do is show them dignified respect and pray they have better days.