Poem -

Heartless Fool

Heartless Fool

You took my kindness as a weakness..
That was your first mistake!
Don't think you can take me for granted..
I'm no fool for heaven's sake!

I've dealt with your type before..
You think your charm will blind my sight.
Well I can see right through you..
It's as clear as black and white!

So if your thinking you can play me..
I'll beat you at your own game!
You'll leave looking defeated..
You've only yourself to blame.

So don't give me lies andΒ  excuses..
Or tell me how I should feel.
If you don't like what I have to say..
At least I'm honest and keep it real.

I will hold the door open for you..
It was over before it could start.
I hope you've learnt your lesson?
It takes much more to win my heart!


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