Poem -



Today I felt my heritage spring alive.
A meeting of long lost cousins,
looking at eyes that reminded me of my father
and photographs of long dead souls who share my blood,
but one held a joy for me
a stern man in a top hat, a child on his knee..
my great, great, great, Grandfather Samuel,
born 1785, before the French revolution,
a young man at the time of the  battle of Waterloo
How fortunate that I have his likeness
To wonder at and pass down his future family....


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Cherie Leigh

HI Lodigiana....It is cool to find out about one's heritage.  I found out in my ancestry tree that I am related to Thomas Jefferson, and I thought that was so neat.  It is fun to look at very old pictures and try to see the resemblance to very distant relatives and to imagine what their lives were like.  This is really neat that you traced Samuel back five generations!  Very fascinating..Thanks for sharing.  I enjoyed. xo ;)


Hi Cherie, yes it’s fascinating to discover where we have come from.Samuel was from my paternal side of the family and the family tree was traced by one of my cousins...there are no famous people there though unless it was before 1785... however on my maternal side through the name Tancredi we know that we have a connection to Tancredi King of Sicily in the 12th Century..so I guess we both have quite nobel blood cursing through us in a way!  Pleased you enjoyed this hun ps. I only wear my crown when I am alone at home!!  Lodigiana xx