Poem -

Hidden Story

Hidden Story

What you see may be a performance. 

A show for the world to see with accordance. 

In it a character that is hard to portray, 
while their life is on standby and that’s okay. 

Smiling and laughing that’s the game. 

Everyone is different but all the same. 

All aspects of their story tucked away in their mind

Like a box to go back to, to revisit, and to confide. 

No one knows everyone’s full story.
Only bits and pieces shown off in glory.
The negatives far back and deep,
like a game of Hide N’ Seek.

Some may even live a life full of negativity 
hiding it with fake happiness and positivity.
Next time you see someone say that “Their presence is a gift.”
because you don’t know what type of game they are dealing with.

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Violet Freese

I get what you are saying and the way You are expressing it.  Sometimes poetry is like building you have an idea of the finish and you structure accordingly. Good write.violet