Poem -

Hilda’s tremendous occasion

Hilda’s tremendous occasion

She was titevated up
From her head down to her toe
Eeh what a difference
Hilda looked like a star in a show
Whilst her taffeta ivory gown had an satin trailing train
It boasted an edwardian neckline where she wore a subtle gold chain

Hilda looked like a beauty queen
As she led the bridal party 
with her three bridesmaids in cream
Heads turned with all her guests surprised
Was this Hilda Hornsby ?
Well they couldn’t believe their eyes

Usually in rags everyday is the same
Yet it is nobody’s fault
It is only her to blame
But today was her day
A tremendous occasion
She would pull out all the stops
for her celebration

Her three younger sisters aged six, eight & nine
Held Hilda’s long flowing train
Well it was a sight so fine
Each were so pretty with their cream satin flouncy frocks
Such a beautiful contrast to their natural golden locks

Oh so proud 
for their sister Hilda
Molly, Lydia & little Matilda

As they reached the end of the ailse her Husband to be 
kissed her cheek with a smile
He had never seen such a beauty before
Tho he adored her ere this ceremony
now he loved her ten times more

A marvellous moment
So many memories to treasure
Hilda Hornsby was now a lady of leisure
Tho that’s not why she married him
Yes he was a millionaire
But his charm & personality was truly exquisite debonair


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