Poem -

How Grateful For Acute Psyche Pain

How Grateful For Acute Psyche Pain

Though psyche sundered and cleft,
sans like Earth bereft of moon
with wrack and ruin
please don't ask how I am doin,

especially after natural automotive
wear and tear
found anguish brew'n,
no matter yours truly know win,

there haint no benefit in getting
fit tubby tied emotional state strewn,
yet quite impossible to shuck off,
NOT being affected aghast by loon

nut tick raging
(like an angry red bull)
growing foreboding, looming
large, and grow'n like...June

shadows of late afternoon
madly - swelling the
inside of my head
like a hot air balloon

until...my noggin
feels ready to explode
aside from such lacerating
peace of mind, I reck coon

this chap feels great and aware,
perhaps the silver lining
extant within bare
lee able to cheer

hip...hip...hip hooray,
an unconquerable drear
re: heaviness weighs
down clapping e'er

ambition to relish pickle
yar welcoming more'n a fair
weather friend, though
tis natural inclination to gear

us sin muss
elf within hermetically
sealed within hare
sized rabbit hole, a lair

only large enough
for me, though um...mare
reed man, I don't
want anybody near

just a treasure trove of
multi denominational prayer
books, no matter not
exceptionally religious

just maybe...a rare
salvation (reed deliverance as
lucky sweepstakes winner)
delivered by some

body named Alistair
relieving torturous vice grip tear
ring inside mine wear
re: soul perhaps...for a year.

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