Poem -



Her passion was an ocean
I am want
She was the need
I simply combust
She completed me

I'm caught
In the portrait of you
It comes from beyond
These feelings 
I am the Wolf
Would you run with me
To a place we could be free
A valley called ecstasy
Various reasons 
Keep you here within

For a faith of belonging
To name you as mine
A darkness pierced with light
Even when you you're not with me
Your fragrance is zephyr
Channels me into the scape
Of milky ways and neverlands

How I yearn
To see past fortuity
A chance to trip the wires
Your voice
Cadences that soothe empty caverns
A flowing timbre resonated
Causes the earth to shift beneath staggering steps
Suddenly enraptured
Embers flicker
I give in to the fall

Have you listened to the wind As of late
The current says
We are broken
Yet we sing for love
The rain spoke
I am as shards of glass
I cry for you
To help me
Hold them together

I want to be strong
But I'm subject to weakness
My heart still claims you
As its keeper
Don't let go
Hurt is justified
No one sees me
Like you did
Nothing kisses my soul
The way you do

Living is not enough
The sky seems
So different
Below the clouds.....


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Cherie Leigh

Very cool write!  I love the imagery and tone throughout this.  I adore wolves, and have used them for metaphorical purposes in my own writing at times, because they exude this sense of mystery and depth in their personalities.  To be wanted and needed by the object of our affections is a hunt for life...lol..I like the theme.  Thanks for sharing.  I want to hold on to this one to read again.  xo ;)