Poem -

I am Undone

(for you Tennessee)

I am Undone

In my inner reflections
I found a broken mirror
Lost in an old corridor
of my many shattered dreams
All my stars burst into darkness
when you gave myself back to me
In one moment 
all my future came undone
you wept unholy tears
Looking for that door
To let you run away once more
sunlight and earth 
sky and rain
The dark unfiltered silence
containing lost lonely years
I am undone
No longer real 
I have no reflection
Even that the silence steals
The paradigm of life
shifting sands and burning time.
wanders with me losing courage
resurrection is not for losers
the law of one is a lie
I am undone

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Cherie Leigh

Oh what a sad feeling, Violet...Coming undone usually is one at wit's end in life...but can also lead to rebuilding after devastation runs its course and hope follows.  Loneliness can really play a number on the mind for sure!  Great write. I felt the hopelessness.  xo ;)

Violet Freese

Thank you  for your comment I so appreciate it. and yes you are right lonliness that this speaks of came as a result of losing something after 36 years of marriage to a foe we cannot win against .. death.  and so as I wrote tbis I didb't realilze that I was speaking about myself at first,,,  bu when I read it through I saw in the place where i was sad that they wanted to leave... Well he had been in pain for a long time so  yes he wanted to leave and I was being selfish in wanting him to stay.....thank you for the cojmment