Poem -

I bleed Ink

You dont understand
Why we are back on this topic again
Because this is the way you tend to see

If it doesn't matter to you than it shouldn't matter to me

You say you want to know how I feel
What I'm thinking
But I bleed ink like all of my kind

So how I feel and what I'm thinking
Is always easy to find

You have always needed me to show you all you can be
To support everything you do

Why is it so absurd for me to need those same things from you?

You tell me that learning what is on my mind
Is not worth a moment of your time
Not worth a dime

Then you ask why I dont speak up
And share these thoughts of mine

You make it clear you wont expend the slightest effort to look inside my head to peer into my heart

So how can I believe you really want to know?
If only one holds us together we are soon to fall apart

You simply say you wont
Wont turn your head, wont bend a knee

Yet I'm to believe youd give your life for me

You wont even give me a single hour

So I'm stuck, muted and helpless, in this crumbling tower

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Ian William

Brilliantly crafted, Twilla! This person you speak of, seems to be more in love with himself!

Twilla Carpenter

Oh, yes. I'm sure of it. Comes along with the broken psyche and the D side of the D/s dynamic.

Twilla Carpenter

Thank you, Leah. Yeah, it's not super creative but it makes its point well. Lol