Poem -

I got this

Are you ready to let the darkness win?

I got this

“She took a deep breath and whispered to her soul, “I got this.” -Unknown

“I don’t have this,” she thought. Thinking of the things she needed to do, a list thought up, and created, by people who haven’t asked what she wants. 

Day by day, she follows away. Twiddling her thumbs, and dreaming through the day.

She dreams of a boy who supports her, keeps her stable and standing tall. Sad, but gratifying. Hoping, and wishing, for a love no more real than a fable. Just a fairytale, and just a dream.

Although it’s just a dream, it blends so well into reality. He’s just a friendly guy, yes he’s nice, but she hasn’t caught his eye. No matter how hard she tries, how many nights she cried. 

Loneliness is a good torturer, left her all dead inside. Her once clear mind left in dark despair, looking all around for someone who’s not there. But when desperation gives her hope, that no mans word can choke. His light pulls her from the dark.

The wind blows through her curly, brown hair, snowflakes dance everywhere. So ready to give up, so close to caving in. Asking herself, “are you ready to let darkness win?”

She took a deep breath and whispered to her soul, “I got this.” Like they always told her she wouldn’t, like she thought she wouldn’t. She fought for her dreams, and she won...”