Poem -

I haint no otolaryngologist

I haint no otolaryngologist

Nonetheless feel gratitude without
cerumen eye zing
January 22, 2020 'ere
and thank guardian angels
who find me continually blessed
regarding audiological sense to hear,

whereby faculty ears avail hear
structures of silence on wing
and prayer grateful ring
around the collar soundwaves,
which analogously ping

pong with supreme functionality
and pleasantly and gloriously bring
audible world wide web despite
my senescence, though amazingly aging.

Though no medical practitioner,
yours truly doth assign
value to learn tidbits,
enamored how biology
and evolution did codesign
about body electric (mine)
being proactive to nip

in figurative bud potential detriment,
that usually gets diagnosed as benign,
especially biannual examination
concerning ears, nose and throat
relieved said organ divine
delivering sonic boom, where
one mortal grovels, while fading

sunlight dances and
enables fading poetic moonshine
to manifest itself without rhyme
nor reason, neither sense nein
sensibility, no doubt readers pine
I desist tempting urge to combine
words together begot

as prodigy progeny
directly linkedin with
impressive "fake" authorial scion
just back after after taking extended
holiday/sabbatical within Apennine
Mountains to bolster every vital sign.

Modern medical science doth allow
enable, and provide this primate
cause he feels wowed at how
examinations every now
and again (usually six months apart)

Medicare doth pay
so one doggone old sow
war puss till death
doth him part, he will vow
to vet health issues,
and in the end barks a final bow wow.

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