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I Love You Sweetheart


I Love You Sweetheart

She's my beautiful wife
She's beating inside my heart
Every day I love you so much more
And she's my everything 
She's my beautiful wife,

My best friend in life
My lover, 
My happiness and joy 
My one true soulmate come true
And she's my shoulder to cry on

She's the sun and stars 
And she's my moonlight every night
She's the smile on my face
And the happiness inside my heart

I'm so blessed
To have her in my life
She's all that I need 
And my dreams come true
This love will never end
Because I love you..

© 2020 David P Carroll Poems..

‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč 4th July.

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Cherie Leigh

I love it when married couples do not take each other for granted, the way it s should be when you are devoted and see such beauty in another. xo ;) 

Being Me

Awwww... It is lovely to read about such true love x