Poem -

I patronize Liberty ministries thrift store

2200 E High Street Pottstown, PA 19464

I patronize Liberty ministries thrift store

Upon making a purchase,
yours truly murmurs bonjour
to the man/woman clerk
manning cash register,
(perhaps another day)

maybe soon as tomorrow
January twenty four -
two thousand and twenty,
I will explore
Moonlight madness sale

fifty percent off all merchandise
across the expansive floor
after getting weary and footsore
snagging garments for near future
return home to stock wardrobe (mine)

satisfied with basement bargains galore,
aye attest bang for buck heretofore
wearables specially bought with difficulty,
née impossible mission finding clothing
to fit this hunchback named Igor.

Rather than pay top dollar i.e.
as prestigious patrician wag
hashtagged with extremely
high price tag
(think chic boutiques)

uninviting to token
garden variety scalawag
(i.e. namely yours truly),
who feels more at home
attiring himself courtesy ragtag

garments, particularly scant legal tender
jangling within me threadbare moneybag
plus deformity drawing
less stares when I lollygag

(matter of fact many "Zerns people")
populate said very affordable - egad
even amiable animals
amble along to stash their feedbag.

Impact on very limited budget
affords me more bang for buck
upon locating rare find,
I feel analogous to lucky duck

quacking and fluffing tail feathers
scouting around for usable goods
another shopper did finish
with thence did huck.

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