Poem -

I refuse to lose

I refuse to lose

I’m face with this disappointing news
To give in
I refuse
My family and my faith won’t allow me to lose
In GOD I trust
My plan is to rely on him
Holding on to the strength within   
My hair may wither and it may fall
But my spirit won’t fall at all 
No Doctors can predict
When I should go
So I focus on what I can control
I gain power when I am weak
A true survivor Day by Day
Week by Week


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Katina Woodruff...

Good work here poet. 

Favorite lines: 

A true survivor Day by Day
Week by Week

Keep up the fantastic work. There are a number of fantastic poets at Cosmofunnel to read and to gain inspiration from such as: A Lonley Journey, Jill Tait, Tony, Cherie, Angel... so many wonderful poets, all at one special website!

I hope you stick around and keep writing. 

A Lonely Journey

Dwight Thomas

Thank you, I will and thank you for the encouragement