Poem -

I Say

Look up I say look up,
The moon’s beauty glows tonight.
Do not fright I say,
The moon brings us peace.
It will release our tears I say our tears,
We can be free from expectations.
Let our frustration roar I say,
Tonight we shall be alive.
The moon lets us thrive I say let us thrive,
Tomorrow shall be anew.
Never let the sun come into view I say,
As the moon hides our cry.
Look up to the sky I say look up,
Stand tall and enjoy the view.
Smile true I say,
For tomorrow is Nye.
Your lie is hidden within the mask I say within the mask,
You will survive another day.
Be ready soon I say,
We must trick once again.
Realise the night takes away pain I say realise,
Look yonder and see the sun rise for the last time. 
See the sun shine I say,
Don’t be fooled by it.
The night sits within you I say within you,
Soon we shall leave this life.
Use the knife I say,
Let your worry trickles out.
Do not shout till there’s none I say till there’s none, 
Be strong and withdrawal from day.
We shall lay in a cloak of darkness I say.

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Unique poem, never read anything like it before.