Poem -

Suffer No More

Suffer No More

Build up walls of sins,
Carry me to bed.
Shield from darkness,
Protect me snake.
Comfort naked skin,
Wrap round my breath.
Use venom to poison the others,
They made you come to me. 

Hold me high,
Ready to reach the new light.
I’m higher than you now,
Feel the burn crawl my skin.
Past the cuts,
Dye hair red from the pain.
No opinion do I have,
Nor but one option.

Now we drive,
Eyes huge as the go fast.
You talk,
I ignore to stare at the wall close. 
Are you scared?
No, sympathy is a craving.
Poison my mind, poison from words,
But you’re right, always. 

Snake whispers truths,
Woven from the walls of sins. 
Dark with one light...
Laughter bounces to name fake,
Listen but that’s it, the snake forms.
Cleanse my body,
Tighten round the neck,
Now fall...