Poem -

Ice King

Ice King

Conical tips kiss the skies,
Incandescent fluorescent lights,
Softly dance and flicker away,
Bejewelled black canvas from far away.

Blizzard astounding adrift in furore,
Blanket of white and ice galore,
Sweeps the plains before unruly essence,
Deity of grandeur of magnificent presence.

He oversees the scope of all,
Before rise of men and inevitable fall.
He moulds the land as he sees fit,
He scopes and shapes all that is.

Treacherous domain, men venture unbridled,
Through mountainous terrain, peaks in spiral.
Ice blasts and wintery plume,
They’re lives hang in balance, headed for doom.

The power of winter, he sweeps his hand,
Casting flakes embedding earth and sand.
They clinch their chests and await their fate,
With one swift swipe he opens a gate.

Severe artic winds crash into rock,
The leader of men fears for his flock.
When suddenly their path in which they roam,
Becomes free of snow encased within dome.

The grandeur of winter oversees,
He sees their troubles and hears their pleas.
Life is spared and freedom of cold,
Deity of ice and snow stands bold.

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Jamie Crawford

I really like this.... I really like the rhyming you’ve used.... well done. 

Simon Bromley

Thank you.  I wasn't sure where I was going with it and just ended up writing a story ha ha.  Thank you for your comment and like.

Jamie Crawford

Anytime. Can you read my poems and tell me what you think please.

Gerard McGowan

Wow, this sends a chill through my heart, fantastic poetry simon.