Poem -

Ice Warrior

I traverse the great plain only half
dreaming I am alive.
The war drums pound inside me.
With each breath of air I take.
My teeth have clenched through my lips and I taste blood.
I am only half alive.
Alive only to die.
I must find her.
The reason I still live.
I cam see her now.
Long black hair in braids to her waist.
The blizzard has blown them back from her beautiful face.
Blue fierce eyes scanning the horizon.
When she smiles a star is born.
She is my soul.
She has to be alive.
I would know if not. ...
Her screams of rage still echo in the
I cannot get them out of my head.
So I run faster sword and shield.
I have only my anger to feed me 
and my dog to help me.
God be with me
  keep her alive at any
cost I will find her.