Poem -

If God lived in the present...

Children block your ears!

If God lived in our "the present" He'd judge us here and now
He'd wipe us off the map
to silence all our groanings
to end the pain of those who suffer
and stop all our oppression
He'd switch off blasted LCD screens
Wipe undignified porno scenes
And I doubt He'd give us another second
to make a last confession

He'd stomp out all your cancerous smokes
And pulverise your pokies
Drown deathly war machines
in stinky rotten feces

If God lived in our "the present"
He'd take mammals off the land
Rejuvenate the forests
and give the seas a hand
He'd bury all our fucking plastic
and melt down all our bloody cars
He may keep some of our monuments to missile to Mars
He'd set ablaze our polyester socks and underwear
Bring the glorious trees back
and clean up all the air
He'd fill the graves of innocents
with rainbow coloured tears
Then He'd stop to take it in
and surely won't believe His ears
Calmest tranquility
of insects, waves, and birds
True blessed peace at last
Spiders sipping pollen
and marsupials munching grass
But God lives in Eternity:
Past and future and now
I can't quite explain it
Do not ask me how
He's here and is not yet
And He knows your every nerve
The traces of your deepest roots
Both jagged parts and curved
DNA lines to the dawn of history
Every code within this mystery
But in His bigger picture
He sees me and He sees you
The moments in our inner worlds
That are evolving too
He knows when there's still hope
beyond what we think's final
Far distant from our fluffy foam, fancy rubber,  perspex, latex and vinyl
He lets us keep experimenting
exploring this environment
Until we see the spirit side
and in our hearts repent
So take a thought
before you judge
what you think that
God should do
Cause you sure as hell would not be here
If He be "live in the present" too

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Cherie Leigh

HI Al....Great points!  God sure is extremely patient and long withstanding from His wrath.....He lets us make all our mistakes and destroy the world that HE created and pretend that we are in control when we are so out of control with our actions...But true to your words, God is still watching and keeping an account of all we do...and what we do does matter...and in the end He will swoop in and make the world what it was meant to be after all our history of messing up.....We need Him..and need to acknowledge that we do...Great profound write with worthy message. xo ;)