Poem -

If only you believed.

We’d make the happiest people jealous.

If only you believed.

“I wanna give myself to you.
I want you to want to discover me, to want me to show you a side, only I know. 

I want you to open up to me alone, tell me your hopes, and tell me your fears. Tell me your wildest dreams, and let me hold you together when things are falling apart. Let me fix your seems as they burst, and when you wake? Let me be the first thought, cause often you are mine. 

But I’m not your type, nor your style. Yet I stay, I stay for a while. Because I don’t give up, it’s not in my nature. I’ve seen all you’re willing to show, and I want more, I wanna know what makes you you. 

You’re everything I need, the biggest challenge I’ve seen, and I graciously except. 

You’ve watched me fall, you’ve heard my cries. You comfort me,but still you lie, or rather withhold. Tell me what it is, tell me what you know. Is there a chance or are you stringing me along, or perhaps. It’s my imagination, creating and fabricating hopeful situations. 

Ones where me and you stand hand in hand, we talk for hours as we dance. You give me stability, and I give you wonder. I give you your dreams, I can do it all, if only you believed. 

But, I can’t force you to see me.”


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