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I'm Alive and Smiling

I'm Alive and Smiling

I'm driving home on the freeway, it's 9am Friday morning and very little traffic.  It's a gorgeous day, blue sky and cool breeze.  Favourite music's playing on my stereo, windows down, breeze running through my hair, cigarette in hand.

I'm smiling..... Why?  I'm actually smiling.  Nothing's changed in my personal circumstances.  I'm still broke, unemployed, no commited relationship, on my own and struggling daily to keep my head above water but I'm smiling.  

I'm healthy, alive and I guess I'm happy.... right?  I must be because I'm smiling.  I've not smiled like this for so long that I've actually noticed and had to wonder why?  

Rather than dwell on what I don't have I'm grateful for what I do have in life.  I'm happy for the gift of life, good health, a beautiful family, great friends and I live in the best place in the world... Perth.

What will tomorrow bring..?  I don't know but I'm going to smile no matter what and remind myself that although not in a relationship I am loved, appreciated and that life is to be lived and embrace what challenges come my way and that balance is everything.

I'm a good person at heart and I was blessed with the gift of being alive so I'm going to get on with it and be the best version of me possible and embrace every minute I'm on this plain of existence.  

Thankyou to Me for reminding myself that I do count, I am important and my purpose will come when called upon.  

Thankyou life!

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Being Me

Oh I love the positivity running through the words. I can totally relate to this x

Richard Waters

What makes you smile, most ? What gives to you more, so you express the greater side of you, easily ? What lifts you out of the " dross " and superficial " gloss " as well as " floss " to discover HOME base ? 
In your mind I envisage the search for plentiful rewards, and enrichment, beyond the mere solution, or sense of practical " realities " to bring to your " encampment " the experience and understanding to promote contentment. Beyond belief. And, grief. In the vision is a fantastic " working " of contemporary situation, with promise, and ambition, to gain an " upper hand " when dealing with reactionary forces. Creating a future.
Stimulating emotional responses, like no other. Is " dream-state " attainable, in your imagined " fixation " based on remedial care, to bring true harmony ? Within, the " essence " of soul. And, its requirements. TIME WILL TELL THE " TALE " ?  :) I am sure you get out of it, all you need !! Whatever, that may be. Life being what it is !!  X
A wise head, on youthful shoulders, commits your soul to endeavour. For, quantifiable outcomes. Nice.  :)