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Angel, these trillions of connected neurons in your brain helps us to know
What is good, or bad and what will help you grow
So, be IN COMMAND of your mind, laugh more and you'll see
That you are not cursed by your hereditary
When you fire up your brain, your chemistry will change
So, just get excited, keep them fired up, it will keep you sane
The mind was made to create havoc, when you’re idle, you're not aware
So, get moving,  laugh out loud, and you’ll turn the tables on thoughts and fears
It takes YOU BELIEVING in what YOU can do
God gave us the POWER, and believe me, “USE IT, OR LOSE IT" is true"
So, if our time is wasted, we’re not happy, or we don’t excel
Then honey, we're stuck in a place, I would call hell
Just say, “I'm getting off my ass, and I'm not THINKING twice
I have power and passion; shout this is MY LIFE!
It is WHAT YOU DO WITH IT that makes the most sense
And if God still has me breathing, that is my chance
So, ask yourself daily, what can I do today?
To help someone in need, who has gone astray
I have many resources that will put them on track
And it will teach them their EMPOWERMENT  and to take their lives back
Let’s turn around MENTAL HEALTH, we can't blame forever
We are WOMEN OF POWER, and we can do this together
We are always the last one STAMDING, at the end of the day
So, look your beautiful self in the mirror and REPEAT LOUDLY!!

(c) Giggles the Poet
August 30, 2019 1:09 p.m.

Hello, my angels, I hope you are having an awesome day :)

So many of us get stuck in the mind maze of anxiety, depression, or just feeling stuck....and well, as someone who has dealt with all that most of my life, you are not alone....and that too has been said many times.....because we still feel alone.
The bravest thing you can do is keep on going....so if you're still breathing, you haven't given up yet...and that is good....even if you feel like shit...it's still good, because there's a part of you that has a fire that won't go out...sometimes you just need to find that channel again...to tune into....

I never thought I would still be here today.  And as God shares so many poems with me, it doesn't give me time to think of dying.  lol  Never thought I'd stop thinking about that...or trying it.....But, God just doesn't want me yet....and I'm happy for that....because, between this paper, me and God, I shouldn't be here.....I've pushed the envelope pretty far.....and not because I wanted to die, but because sometimes you just get tired of the pain, the brain confusion and life.....

Well, I'm still here and I'm still writing up a storm and I know that God has a greater meaning for all of us.  We have to remember how special WE are as a person.....nothing outside of us is going to put the icing on the cake of happiness for us, unless we gave it to ourselves first.....unless we are a happy person, no one outside of us can do it for us......

And when you stop focusing on yourself and keep yourself busy, after awhile, you're happy...lol  The brain needs to be busy and it needs to know you care about it......so let it know by helping it grow the right way.....we were never taught in school how to think about thinking.....so now we have to teach ourselves, because our thinking is shit.....and that causes our lives to be shit.....and it got to the point where you get tired of your own shit.....and then you stop and do something better.....

We are the biggest challenge we face, because our mind already thinks it knows so much, and it's there to tell us otherwise.....so, you're essentially fighting with yourself most of the time and don't even realize it....lol  

It' took me a long time to believe that I could do something with my brain.....even after spending money on programs that could show me more, my brain eventually said, "the program is boring..."  or something, and like everything it goes to the way side and it's forgotten......   

Now, I'm stronger than the me that wants me to feel like shit, didn't win...., so the fight is finally over.....and now I'm a BRAIN WARRIOR....

My brain has been buzzing since I woke up this morning. Writing up a storm and I've decided to call my Facebook group the BRAIN WARRIOR TRIBE.   Since I have been training intensively I can honestly say that I think I need a bigger head, cause my brain is growing too fast....lol that's what it feels like, by the end of my day, of learning, listening to my frequency music and ending my day the same way.....I feel like a new person.....and my creativity is through the roof....I need another me to keep up with all the projects that I have on the go....

Well, here's an interesting tip regarding TURNING UP THE TV.....lol Interesting brain tip as well....

📷See if by concentrating you can follow just as successful as when the volume was higher. As soon as that gets easy, turn it down another notch. Why? One reason people start turning the volume up is because the brain’s auditory processing machinery starts to have static. Although you can’t get rid of this internal static by turning up the volume, people do it anyway to make the target signal (what’s being said on TV) louder. This just gets you used to needing a very loud signal. Instead, turn down the TV to re-tune your brain to listen to information at a more conversational tone.

I guess that could go for turning down a few things.....retune your brain....that's cool...

And a great poem God shared today, one of many about the brain...lol

I can say that I am becoming master of my mind....and it's the greatest thing I could ever do for myself.

When you quiet the inside..the outside world is easier to deal with ;)

Love and hugs
Giggles the Poet

If you would like some awesome brain music check out my Advice and Healing page.....on facebook...  brain tips and more goodies :)

Love you my angels, walk with love and light

Here's a great audio for POSITIVE PEACEFULNESS :)  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-fPevezgVQTIkwpfbnMQgu7MbW9FU_j5/view?usp=sharing   

you can download it to your phone and listen anytime.  This is therapy for the mind and the frequencies are different than regular music, so if you're epileptic it's not advised that you listen, as these type of frequencies could over stimulate your brain.  Please use caution and don't drive while listening to these audio sounds...

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Cherie Leigh

Thanks Brenda.....I wish I could get Tony to turn down his tv....It hurts my ears...but I think he has become numb to it and like you say thinks he needs the target higher levels to hear it....I am very sensitive to the conversations when they are soft and I get in tune with it..Interesting.  I do believe we have control over mind over matter in many situations..Our mind should be used to be our friend and allow us to create the world we want, despite the stresses around us...I will look up the links you shared.  Thank you.   

Giggles the Poet

Thank you angel...LOL interesting about the TV....hmmmm  retune Tony's ears.....lol yes, our minds have more possibilities than we even realized...the more I'm learning the more my brain is growing...lol  I need another head.....I'm getting stronger each day, doing some intense training..and it's actually working on my pain.....this time I have no breaks in between......God gives me reason :)  and my mission has just started :)  .I'm going blind...lol  been writing since 9 a.m.....so I'm off to bed now....
I will send you some goodies in your email, great mind magic...that will make you feel amazing....I hope you and tony and the family are doing well....give every one hugs for me....   here's a great audio to help you sleep ;)


Love and hugs
Giggles the Poet :)