Poem -

I’m going ‘Cuckoo’

I’m going ‘Cuckoo’

I’m goin ‘Cuckoo’

I own a cuckoo clock
It sits proud on my wall
There are three acorn pendulums
Take it in turn to fall

Every morning I pull up 
each little chain
So my cuckoo clock is fully wound up again

I bought it last year
on my holiday
Baden Baden, Black Forest
Is a very nice place to stay

I had always wanted
a cuckoo clock
Tho it has to be said 
that its ‘tick tock’

Can get on my nerves 
if I concentrate
Especially if I’m tired 
& it is getting very late

When you are watching something good on TV
Thats when the chime & tick tock does bug me

But tho it can be nuisance 
& a pest
Its my favourite clock 
so the one I like the best

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