Poem -

“I’m gonna get it cut!!!”

“I’m gonna get it cut!!!”

“Mam you can shake you head all you like & tut, tut, tut
but I am going to the hair salon & I’m gonna get it cut”

This is what our Emily told her Mother
& tho her Mother wasn’t keen
But this is our Emily Grace
If you know what I mean

This lass may be little
& She isn’t very old
But she is as fiesty as hell,
determined & bold

I’ve told my middle Granddaughter 
With that attitude you will go far
There’s not a doubt in my mind
Someday you will be a star

“I want it as short as can be
This is what I’m gonna do,
You may not reconise me
But I will still be your Emily”

Haha she’s such a ‘Trendsetter’
Just like an ‘Up to date Kate’
As she’s had her mop all cut off
Stood at my garden gate

“Wow Emily I love your short hair”
I am im awe & surprise
At this transformation standing there

She went out of the door with long,  brown hair hanging straight
She really suits this short style
I must say she looks great

‘Well done Emily’
For sticking up for your self
You were born to be a leader
not sat on the back of the shelf

Emily’s a pretty little thing
She is such a sunshine ray of joy
Even with her hair chopped off
She doesn’t look like a boy🤣


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