Poem -

I’m on Fire

I’m on Fire

You’re my best friend.
My soul mate till the end.
My one and only shining light.
My heart flying high on a kite.
I need you to feel love again.
To love me till the very end.
Hold me near to your heart,
Make love to me in the dark.
I’m so hot I’m on fire.
With every kiss my heart is getting higher.
The moon and stars light up my sky.
With you in my life my heart is flying high.
Love me long time baby please.
Hold me; love me till I can no longer breathe.
Take me where no other has gone before.
Love me on your bathroom floor.
Keep me coming back for more…

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Tony Taylor

Hey JULIE!!.... could feel the passion burning its way through this piece...... some great phrasing here......... and VERY sensual imagery .........ALL STARS!!....... well done sweet poetess!!........LOVE and ROCKETS!!.........T xo. 😉☀✴✳

Kimmy Alan

Be careful.  Love is hot, but don't let it be a flash in the pan.