Poem -

“I’m scared.” She said.

“Of what?” The wind whispers back.

“I’m scared.” She said.

I’m scared to be alone.
I’m scared I’ll be alone forever.

Loneliness, and hollowness, are some of the strongest, and most dangerous, emotions we feel. 
They blur, and fuzz the lines of what’s real. 
It’s quite amazing, for months we can convince ourselves we’re fine. When really, we’re dying inside. 

Feeling like your entire resolve is caving in, lying to yourself. Telling yourself, everything will be okay. 

Will it? 

We hurt as if burned by fire, selling ourselves a sugar coated lie, that someone will love you. I know this isn’t true, but you know that better than I. 

Like shelves lined in rows and rows, they were knocked down like dominos. Chaos in my head, monsters under my bed, and voices of things I wish I had said. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m so broken I’ve been corrupted. But, if this rings true to you, then we share one truth. 

Not forever like I though, if I wasn’t born an outcast, my next statement would ring true to my ears. 

“The truth now, may not be the truth tomorrow. Truths change with the facts.”

Unfortunately, my truth has never changed. I was born without someone destined to me. I was born and primed to be alone, packed with unshakeable confidence. But I had forgotten what I was made for, the temptations of loneliness got the better of me. 

Now loneliness, my best friend. Has turned on me, I’m afraid to be alone.

I’m afraid I’ll be alone forever.