Poem -

I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry

Seconds go by,
Like time doesn’t exist.
Minutes are an illusion,
Like the hourglass on our wrist.
Those words they’ve heard,
Those smiles they fake.
Spend your time wisely,
Because one day they won’t wake.
Your heart will drop,
Silence will fill the room.
Every single thought,
The feeling of being gloom.
Nothing hurts more,
Watching you go under.
Watching you say goodbye,
Feeling my heart sunder.
But your life isn’t over,
Because our memories still remain.
I wish I could’ve done better, And
Now feeling this pain.
I loved you so much,
But this task was overdue.
I hope you forgive me,
I’m sorry I had to kill you.

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Terry Kay

Wayne, . I thought this was brilliant and was so surprised at the last line!  Terry Kay