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I’m Sorry (Part 2)

I’m Sorry (Part 2)

I watched your casket,
As it Lowers to the ground.
I felt my mouth tremble,
But it doesn’t make a sound.
If people knew why,
I did what I did.
They wouldn’t understand,
Jesus Christ, god forbid.
I placed a flower on your casket,
To show a sign of some respect.
The wounds I left in your body,
The cuts I left on your neck.
I walk back to the car,
The rain is heavy today,
I hear crying from a distance,
But the sadness will flow away.
I get in the car, And 
My husband grabs my hand.
“Don’t think about it too hard baby,
It’s what we’ve had planned.” 
I start the car, And
Drive down the muddy path.
“You’ve made me kill my Best-friend.”
Now i’ma show you my wrath.
I take a wrong turn,
I speed up the car.
I’m scaring my husband,
“Oh now I’m taking it too far?”
Going 80 in the woods,
Passing trees after trees.
Opening my window,
Feeling the fucking breeze.
My anger continues to rise,
The end of the path is near.
I turn to my husband,
“There is nothing left to fear.”
I unbuckle my seatbelt,
I lock his car door.
This is what revenge looks like, And
Now he’s done for.
The car goes flying,
My head hits the glass.
I watch the car aim towards the ground,
As my eyesight begins to pass.
The police knew everything,
How we killed for every dime,
I didn’t want prison for life.
I’m sorry my partner in crime.

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Terry Kay

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