Poem -


I have no control of myself you see, 
My vision has blurred, 
As my eyes are filled with aching liquid, 
The fight between sight and watery oceans are at play, 
Slowly the depth of moist texture overtakes the realm, 
Foresight is difficult and all that’s seen is the broken me, 
The sound of gasping breaths are all that’s heard, 
As I reminisce of all that was left to say, 
Reality has struck as it’s much to overwhelm, 
Warrior to the heart as you fight your troubled mind, 
To defeat the tangled forest of thoughts you struggle, 
Like a child craving the warmth of their mother’s embrace, 
You sit there reaching out to the greater beings, 
The ones who understand and fight alongside you, 
Fellow companions siding with your battle, 
The one of lies and deceit, 
For you are too kind, 
Concerned with the thoughts of others you mask your face, 
Like a thief in the night caught fleeing, 
Your worlds exposed yet there’s no rescue,
Sitting in silence as the waters gush your sorrowed eyes, 
Troubled as your forced to be on repeat...

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Hello Naomi...

Welcome to Cosmo!


Words straight from the heart...

Very touching write!

​​​​​​Thank you for sharing...




Naomi Del Torro

Thank you so much that means a lot as I just started writing poetry quite recently ☺️