Poem -

In Concert

A World Tour

Newspaper headlines printed in mud
Telling of spills of oil and blood
Secrets to no one
We know the outcome and consequence
Before the action is done

Radio news blares the bad in gold
Always first and never old
Good things boreΒ 
We hear what we want to hear
Classics galore

Television flashes current events
In detail the media invents
New ways to spin
Dark truth in a white lie we see
And quickly forgiven

So, let's take to the world stage
Give a grand performance
And work together for the greater good
Sing songs composed as we go along
Tripping lights fantastic
Touring the world
That hates our music
Until we have our first hit
Then another...and another
Until the haters become fans
And join in on the song
That keeps changing for the good
Becoming the greatest hit
And never should we take a bow
Never should we quit


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