Poem -

In the end

Spectral images
Filling my head,
Vision of fear
Thoughts on death,
The eternal concern 
Of how we will end,
Cause some people
To sink into depression.
But life doesn’t end 
We simply transcend,
No reason for fears
No cause for tears,
Celebrate my life
And laugh and have fun,
After I blink out
After I am done,
Remember my highlights
My faults and my flaws,
Remember the good things
And my unconditional love for all.
Don’t worry or be sad 
Or grieve over me,
For I will be waiting
To begin again,
A new life of experience 
Of learning lessons to grow,
When we all end nobody knows,
So live courageously and happily
With love in your heart,
Live in the light
And don’t dwell in the dark,
Be amazing be benevolent 
Be peaceful and caring,
And remember as energy
We live throughout time,

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Dean Kuch

Oh, but I prefer the dark over the light, Fauxcroft.
You see, it's much cooler in the shade.
You're less conspicuous when out of the lime-light.
Besides, in order for light to even exist you must also have darkness.
One cannot exist without the other, no more than the moon could exist without the light of the sun.
Yen cannot not exist without yang.
Last, but by no means least, have you ever seen a sky filled with billions of twinkling, diamond-like stars in broad daylight?
There's beauty in the darkness.
You simply have to know where to find it.


The duality of life requires both light and dark and both have supreme merit and are vital to life. The moon controls the oceans and is glorious at night. Light fosters growth, without light nature would fail. The shadows can be far better than the limelight. Thank you for reading and appreciating. 

Tony Taylor

YESSS!!!.....I love the declarative statements here...... the wisdom within the intervals..... the powerful self expression of Faith's enduring wisdom...... this is my favorite FAUXCROFT write... that I've been fortunate enough to have cross my path..... it's the manner in which the phrasing is delivered..... to KNOW... as opposed to hypothesis!!......PINNED.....for its subtly calculating fervor!!.....smokin' grooves my friend!!......smokin' grooves!!.....MUCH love to you and yours!!........ Kings to you!!.....T xo 👍👍✴❤❤✴😊


Thank you very much for reading and appreciating and for your kind words. Love and light. 

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Fauxcroft...I like your positive attitude and view of not being afraid of death..We are all energy that lives on....and this life is just a short blip compared to eternity.  When we focus on light, we find God closer than we could even imagine....and as I get older, I find myself clinging to those kind of revelations and ignoring the world's gratifications through temptations....Great write.  xo ;0 


Thank you very much I appreciate you taking time to read and enjoy my poem. Love and light. 

Richard Waters

Fine reflective composition.
Thanks for sharing.
All the best to you.


Thank you very much for reading and appreciating