Poem -

Intimate Heat

Intimate Heat

You can't help but being drawn to me,
with an unobtrusive gaze.
You're not sure why.
Perhaps, a spark?
Could it be you admire my objective and unbiased consistency?
Or simply, my warmth is comforting and appealing?
No matter.
I can be fed with fuel,ย 
causing only a modest change.
However, your recklessness has made me inflamed.
Now, out of control,
you must deal with the consequences.
Respect the fire within.

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Tony Taylor

Wow!!.... this has the power of CONFIDENCE behind it SCOTT!!.....a compelling piece of poetic prose for sure.... drawing on the power of the "Light Within" that most never find the wherewithal to develop and/or manifest!!........ALL STARS!!....... well done dear poet brother!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo ๐Ÿงโœด

Scott Mlekuz

Thanks for your your insightful words. I'm somewhat new at this. Although I played lead tenor and alto sax in highschool, I've only recently( approximately 3 years) started writing and drawing.ย