Poem -



Our love was built 
On a very sure foundation
That of friendship and trust 

From the days of playing in the rain 
Which drove our mothers insane 
Like when you ran through the house 
With sand woven in your pigtails 
And your Sunday dress muddied and stained 

Remember the pond 
We were told not to go swimming 
How easy it was for us to jump in
At such an early age our lives were entwined 
And throughout our college years 
The thought of you never left my mind

Such great plans we had
For our lives together 
The possibilities were endless and sure
And as we sat on that old tree stump 
In the church backyard
We believed that all our dreams 
One day will come through 

Now here I stand 
Dressed in the sadness of black 
Fighting to hold back the tears 
The arrangement of flowers 
Lies still on your coffin 
As still as your beauty sleeps 

A drunken driver looses control 
And stole your love away 
Like a thief in the night 
Soon I'll turn my back 
From the place where you are laid
But beneath the surface 
My love and life will forever remain.

Wilford Barker.