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It`s A Dog`s Life!

It`s A Dog`s Life!

Massive Bull Mastiff `Macho`
Impresses all the girls
With his biceps, pointed `guy pecs`,
His dangling penile jewels!

He walks with a swagger, shows attitude
While chewing a rawhide stick,
Puts girls in a whirl the way his tail curls,
His ears flop when given a flick!

Females simply adore him,
Get goose bumps, shivers and itches,
Adrenaline rushes, canine crushes,
The sexual flushes of bitches!

His profile, so strong, so handsome,
Studded collar of a dogged design,
All the ladies politely follow,
Silent, dignified, tongue-tied!

His fawn coloured coat is holy,
Solely to keep him warm
But the ladies see it only
As a bonus to his charm!

He dates a Cocker Spaniel,
Brown coat, soft eyes to match,
Jealous, others would like to see
Scratches down her back!

Bitches pee to mark territory
It's hereditary , makes a statement
But they can't make claims on `Macho`s` aims
Or in any way be complacent!

Remember, it's a dog's life
Sniffing whiffing rectums,
They`re behind you, will surprise you
When you least expect them!

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