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itstime to dance the night away

its time to dance the night away

The music begins to play
Then your body begins to sway
You start to move this way and that way
Your Feet start to tap on floor to the beat 1 2 3 4 you just can’t wait no more
It's Time to dance the night away
Move that body to feel the Heat
 Its telling you to get off that seat 
 Go dance it's all you have to do is just Dance
Get on the dance floor and play
Its time to dance the night away
Nothing to it don't be scared take that chance 
Don’t look like you're in a trance
So people begin to stare why do you even care You came here to dance not stare
You get on the Dance Floor all alone everyone is talking on their phone
Music is calling your name Your body wants to  play this game 
Just start to move those hips bump and grind spin around and do a flip
 That’s right now you’re in the groove so by yourself you begin to dance and dance and  dance
You are the one man show now why don’t you take a chance now go
Just ask someone to dance man
Don’t Think Twice go grab girls hand
 You got moves  yes got moves that no one has seen before 
People are coming in through that door wanting to see you dance  some more 
You have danced all night Yeah dance almost to the morning light 
DJ finally played the song you have been waiting for all night long
  You grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes that said dance with me 
You moved to the floor and then dance and damce then you dance some more
Until you and her couldn't even breathe anymore
then what do you say
it's time to dance the night away

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