Poem -

"Join Us In Harmony!"

"Join Us In Harmony!"

"Sing on thine angels,
such blessed, blameless tongues.

The message of The Lord,
please be brought swiftly from,
with Godspeed,
because this world,
is in dire need,
of redemption,
from addiction's afflictions.

The Lost ingest drugs galore,
for they know not yet,
what God's Grace is for,
or what it can do.

Please active addict,
put down those chaotic things,
before they are the death of you!
Because God has A Need,
for everyone,
and The Truth,
and The Way,
is through His Son,
who died on that cross,
for me and you,
so come join us in harmony,
and find a love,
you never knew,
could be possible,
and what it can mean,
please do it for you,
please come be washed clean!"

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