Poem -

Joys of Spring

Joys of Spring

Enshroud in mist midst chartreuse in bough,
Flutters of fauna’s flourish and grow.
Flora, Achillea, aloe and sweet hue,
Crowing blades dusted with blue.
Beauty in blossom replenish anew,
Nestling drops of midmorning dew.
Promises whisper behind billows of white,
Murk in sleep, dawn of new light.
Song birds serenade resonate in glade,
Tulips scatter entwine and braid.
Beauteous pallet of yellows and red,
Spring has arrived, the joys have spread.

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Mitsali Fatima

Oh my god Simon this is like the best spring poem I have read so far!
Awesome work :)

Terry Kay

This is a beauty.  Loved it, loved it!  Terry Kay

Simon Bromley

Thank you Terry.  I was beginning to think that people really didnt like it.