Poem -


My life is like a jungle filled with all kinds of animals both big an small short and tall I always have my guard up just waiting for someone to attack

my days get no slack, each day there's a different trail that I discover but I forget the path sometimes or go down one that leads to know where benifical  

And end up having to spend cold nights with bad thoughs and regrets, then wake up to things moving fast like I'm swinging from tree to tree trying to stay above the sinking mud 

that try's to pull me in

like I'm the over protective female tarzan 

my life is a bit crazy  and out of control at times

but because I was raised right I'm able to put it into pause mode to gather my thoughs and goals 

ask for console 

and get back on my feet cause there's no time for sleep

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Richard Waters

 To conquer any " landscape " you have to have determination, resolve, fortitude and perserverance. The harshest terrain tests you, to strengthen. As the fittest " train " at altitude, with thinner air, and more extreme weather variation. In " Jungle Fever " with the worst humidity comes the sapping of energy. Practically, as nowhere else. The " sweat box " being the undoing of many. The perfusion of " viral sickness " also drains the will, and motivation, to pull through as compared to somewhere else. YOU, know from the term " Concrete Jungle " how this habitat is respected, even in metaphor.
How you cope with any " jungle " defines you. Hence, it is such an important place to " adapt to survive " when " The Specialist " trooper is asked to clarify their worth. Before others.
LEARN FROM THE HARSHEST TERRAIN. To become more, than you thought you EVER WOULD !!! :) :)