Poem -

Just a Tick

Just a Tick



I can feel my mind is slipping slowly from its secret seat of security,
systematic shock and suffering
That deceptive show of stability
A dream of simi-sanity, that gleem that shimmers on the horizon for all to see

To the twisted towering tip of tangled talents teetering on the edge, sickened by the texture of the ledge, pleading for the pleasure of a broken pledge

Sickening, slippery, sluggish is the murky mist of melancholy madness as it merges with this manipulated mental mayhem in my mind

Slick, soft, smooth, shapely shadows of fear
Falling like flower petals to cover the path
Im sinking, shaking, strange and ashamed to sleep beneath the shimmer of the surface

Rising levels of lavender lava lick lovingly at my lips
Just a few more steps, a few more sips to the final eternal eclipse

Multiply my madness, add to my will, increasing my rath
My escape, it seems, requires only basic math

And this madness of meaningless, moronic, manipulative, marked up, mentholated, melodic mayhem I can leave behind in my bath

The frantic, panicked, protest, piracy and propaganda amongst my private inner population positively pollutes the previously pristine prison palace of my mind
No peace do I ever find
As my thoughts ruthlessly race at this brake neck pace
Crammed together in this small space
So much compacted in so little time and space
I feel it bleeding through my face
Another moment rolls by and my torment continues in any case

I placed an order
but grandfather is out of stock
It should come as no real shock
Just listen for the splash back
Listen for the clock...



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Tony Taylor

WOW!!... some truly creative and well crafted ALLITERATION going on here TWILLA!!....this is NOT an easy thing to do dear poet sister!!..... and you've pulled it off BEAUTIFULLY!!....I love it when I see/read a writer who is enjoying playing with words..... the mark of a good writer indeed!!......ALL STARS!!......I LOVE the clever 'wordsmithing'!!......well done dear poet sister!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧❤

Twilla Carpenter

Thank you! I am often told that I have a gift when it comes to alliteration. Sometimes the words just start to tumble out in a rope ladder of emotional alliteration, and the results are usually poetic.

RRG (Rebecca)

Stuck in that moment... Snap. :) This is good, so good. Love the use of words to create the rhythm and jumble in the mind. Could hear your voice so well in this piece too. It resounded off the tiles. Well done Twilla. Truly. 
Blessings, Rebecca 

Twilla Carpenter

Wow, Perfect perception. You didnt miss a beat. Im glad I am coming through clearly and that I am connecting with those whose minds are the same shape as my own so they can process the same format and hold the same images, emotions and thoughts.
Thank You so Much for the encouraging words.