Poem -


If only you can hear me from on high 
Where angels fly and dreams don't die 
Then grant me this one wish
And I promise never to disturb you again

I know your hands are filled 
With the control of the world 
The bringing forth of plants, animals 
Boys and girls 

I am aware that by your power
The planets are kept stationary in the sky 
While keeping an accurate count
Of every creature that is alive 
And the countless numbers that dies 

But my heart is aching 
And my mind cannot rest
Until my soul is redeemed 
And my life is blessed 

I have strayed away 
From your holy word 
Now I am reaping the sorrows 
Of my life's labor

Please forgive my trespass
And cleanse me of my sin
Grant me this one wish
And I promise 
Never to disturb you again.

Wilford Barker.

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