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I just exist in side of a bubble where no one lives but I.
I just exist.
I breath.
I live.
I loved and I wished to be loved again and again.
I have grew from my mistakes.
I had to always learn the hard way.
Effortlessly I always see myself coming up with a plan to reinvent myself.
I mean, how can a mind grow if a mind do not learn. Humph, the process of life is just a trip.
Meaningful I sit back and watch myself come up with a plan and a goal.
To be honest in all fairness. I take. heedof any situations I've encountered in my life.
I owe everyone my life and everyone owe me their.
We as humans are supposed to support one another
We as humans don't suppose to support ourselves.
Everyone owes everyone
I as we and we as you and all as one.
Everybody is United
But, Everyone is too blindsided.
Everyone idolizes something or someone.
Everyone lives inside a bubble.
My eyes constantly watches the world change.
My mind frame is to exist in the same frame.
Change is what makes the mind grow.
If the Change of life will stop changing humans will exist in a timeless world.
If the world is always changing that mean the time will never stop.
Human are immortal.
Yeah, I know that my last sentence sounds ludicrous
But there's some truth to it.
What if all humans step outside of their bubble and be selfless.
The definition of selfless is concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own. Basically unselfish.
Everything is connected in our life.
Animal,.trees, plants, and seeds.
God is everywhere
God eyes are the Sun and The Moon.
God's mouth is the ocean that surrounds us.
Everyone abuse god.
When we destroy this planet we destroy god.
God still loves us unconditionally.
God will let us destroy him.
I mean how selfless is that.
God has the power to swallow us hole.
God did ooh god did it once when noah build the ark.
Woah life is meaningful and we take it for granted every day.
There would not be any accident if we took care of one another.
There wouldn't be any disease if we took care of our planet.
Everyone wants to be a god.
But in order to be a god you have to be selfless.
No one loves us more than god.
Men Never step On the moon.
Everything is a lie so that we will stay blind.
Everything men have invented cause dealth and destruction to this planet.
People are dying.
Animals are dying.
Trees and plants are dying.
When everything is dead on god we will all die.
I am the chosen one.
To let all humans know
Our time is near if we don't change.
We can feel the power of god.
Everyone is enlighten Within god himself.
Doctors think their gods because they saved people lives.
Teacher think that they are teachers but do not teach Gods world.
The orginal bible is supposed to be for everyone but it's kept hidden.
We suppose to take care of the animals but we kill them viciously.
Animal learn from us.
If we humans are killer then so will animals be.
Mermaids exist and once were beautiful creatures and now they live in darkness.
God created us as Beautiful creatures.
We are all the devil because the devil is everywhere.

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Silent Dreamer

Such a important message, very very well written and delivered here. A big showcase of the sad truth of this world.. everyone should read this! 👏🏽