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Knit one row, purl another 🤣

Knit one row, purl another 🤣

She started to knit a sock with a green ball of wool..knit one row, purl another.. unwinding from the spool.. everything was going very well until she got to the heel, then as she tried her best to follow the pattern it was a difficult ordeal.. “Ah well I’ll knit on, perhaps this can be a scarf” she said out loud as her partner had a laugh..

Well knit one.. purl another.. nine hundred times or more..but by this time her arms were getting sore.. so she put her knitting down and had a little rest when she woke up she felt a chilly air and wished she had a woolly vest.. so she took a look at her knitting and noticed it was very long and as she thought about a scarf, it was too wide and much too wrong!!
“Maybe’s if you half the length by folding it in two, it would look like a vest, if you knew what to do” said her Husband with a glint in his eye, but as she listened to him she thought well perhap’s I’ll try

So she got out some thread and she sewed up her creation, just up to the arm holes.. she got satisfaction from her stimulation.. then leaving two gaps opposite each side approximately seven inches long and about two inches wide.. she sewed up the rest and joined some stitches on both shoulders, wow this woolly vest was gonna be cozy on her ‘Boulder holders’ “Oh my God I’m impressed” said her man.. “That vest is so cool I’m pleased you followed my plan!!”

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Marion Price

Lol...again you have turned the ordinary into the extraordinary...well done 😊💕