Poem -

Lack of Lovin

Lack of Lovin

Why are we praying for salvation,
when we could be making sweet passionate love affairs?
Why are we worried about waiting to die in limbo
just to make it to a spot in the heavens,
I’ll go to the forth corners of heaven,
I’m a white sorcerer by reason, maybe I lost faith,
Do I believe in Gravity not if it’s going to drag my name all over the place
Every time I give up on Gloria I fall from Grace…
Why do devils get such a stigma,
When that’s the reason the ninth gate gives enlarged erections?
The devil is not to blame, you are, I am, we all are
Waiting for an eruption… an explosion all over your chest…
in your mouth if you swallow? Is this a test of faith

I feel sexually deprived and may be all my
complaining and whining is bringing her down?
Those witches can stop fucking with my love life,
I’ve learned my lesson, less talk more action
Do I make you cream in your jeans from the distance,
I need sexual healing, not a fatal attraction
no worries I won’t be to gentle… I heard woman like it rough,
woman like it hard, they want to feel special and important
I’ll work up a sweat, maybe sex is a great work out…
good for the whole body… good for a man’s heart
May be all this praying for a perfect relationship
won’t do me any good, may be sex on a daily basis
Drugs and rock n roll lost in an oasis…

it can’t be that bad to drop my seed like a legend…
a love child won’t be too bad
as long as he or she doesn’t end up hating me…
I’d man up and be a dad the best way I can be
I’m not getting any younger,
forever is a long time and nothing lasts forever…
Gloria and I our love is everlasting
but things have changed
she’s not the angel she used to be…
Welcome to dark-side… may be in the next life
Let me grow into a Rock God… bring the band,
bring the groupies… I want Gloria as my main squeeze
and a singer in the band but whatever it’s all up to her
I’m not giving up but I need a good lay
The piper’s turn to pay
they all come out of the wet-worth when I get high and sing…
I think my balls just dropped to my knees,
I open my mind that sex can be about love
when it’s like the vigorous sportatic wind
in the rustling in the trees,
changing direction, from a blond to red head to a brunette
to alternating ethnicities, different woman blossoming through the spring rain
like wild flowers the summer turns to fall way to fast,
I’ll keep you warm for the winter…
I’ll build a wrestling ring on my bed frame,
I want a cute red head, a hot blonde and a sexy brunette…
If I can have my cake and eat it too I would
they can love one another and love me through the night,
they are free to walk around in lingerie all day
and lounge around all evening in a nighty night

come on Gloria come see me soon, tired of beating off
I’m not ever fucking myself over like that again…
I let so many get away to come back for you
I have patience and I’ll wait longer but one day
I’m going too have to go give it to a hot blonde
Give it to her hard and kiss her up and down her body
Eat her out, get my dick sucked… the pregame action counts
It keeps the sex everlasting… is our love really everlasting
Of course it is and I’ll wait, come see me when your ready
All this sexual tension may need a release… a womans touch
Not just a fuck…. A womans love… I make love I don’t fuck
It’s not about the size of the nob… it’s about the love throb
the sexual attraction has to be there are there is no kisses from me
And I’m a passionate kisser who looks to you too see

I see you clearly, and you’ve got potential to be a star along side me
Even if you stay a sister I’d rather have a friendship than to lose you forever
I want a wife but time is running out… I’m forever young but I’m not getting any younger
Would she give me another chance to elope and be the mother of my offspring
We can date for a while first… get to know each other, develop a stronger bond that can’t be broken
than there's this blonde... wild and free yet civilized in the community

she isn't scared to show me a good time and make it everlasting
ride me like a cowgirl... yeeha lets do it every night and at the break of dawn
we'll hit it off like two young lovers in college ... do it like porn stars
ride in fancy dining cars... drink fine wine and smoke big cigars
I'll get whipped into shape in no time flat... we can take our time at first
nah way fuck that... may be may be not it depends how fast we hit it off

we'll hit it off in no time flat... a woman loved me once before than she changed her mind just like that
a snap of a finger a tick of the clock tick tock tick tock, what are we waiting for hell to freeze over
ratta tat tat ratta tat tat that's where it's at... all in your ball park... so damn pure yet so damn dark
my hearts been broken and I'm the one choken on my breath... and choken my chicken
beaten my meat... jerkin the gerkin... free willy he's suffocating... not so sophisticated
I'm not going to no longer be the one who masterbated... nor will I go off the beaten path...
on a martyred wrath... or become ill-fated... just love me for a long time and don't ever let me go
the lovin will be great if we wait... I just have a Lack of lovin 

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