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Ladies That Lunch

Ladies That Lunch

The restaurant we booked is our favourite spot
The food is ok and we like it a lot.
There’s something for everyone, even for kate
Who’s making us laugh discussing her weight

And josie arrived with her usual flair,
last week a brunette, now there’s pink in her hair!
Poor  Avis is moaning about her poor swing
It seems playing golf is her latest ‘new thing’

 So typically Jan  has turned up a bit late
all flustered and seems in a bit of a state.
The menopause really is making it tough
Which explains why most of the time she feels rough

When Lizzie arrives then the table’s complete
and we order the dishes that we want to eat.
And while we are waiting we catch up in style
we listen to updates that make us all smile

Together we’ve lived through  the good and the bad,
the gossip and scandal ,the happy and sad.
We seen our kids morph  into adults so fine
now they have all grown and for once we have time

To sit and remember the years that have passed
and marvel at how the years moved on so fast.
We started as young women all newly wed
unsure what life held for us in times  ahead

We lived through divorces and illnesses too,
two of us  widowed,  but still we pulled through.
One business went bankrupt and times became hard,
some challenges faced left a few of us scarred.

But always we talked of our kids and  our joy
of the good things we had that no one could destroy.
The bond of a friendship that lasts through the years,
our love for each other through laughter and tears

We’re ladies that lunch ,but we are so much more.
We’re women who have through their lives fought a war
to stay  in the ‘now’ and  can finally  say
We’re ladies that lunched  and we’re happy that way!

This is a real gathering of strong  wonderful women that have been  the best support group anyone could ever want ! Thank you girls!

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I always know it's time for golf when it's your Ladies Lunching day..Love this Lodi..God bless you ladies xx


Best keep well away hun on lunch days !  Thanks for reading Stevie xx

Rachel Lewis

This is brilliant!! Made me smile from start to finish! Well done. Xx


You are very welcome Rachel ....I love a bit of  comedy  and always try to include a few  lighthearted ones when I write One of my own favourite ones was one entitled 'Age..bring it on! ' I giggled all the time I was writing it..which was a bit silly  but hey ..life's too short not to  smile a bit! Thanks so very much for reading, commenting and hopefully enjoying it..I really appreciate it. Lodigiana x

Cherie Leigh

Hi Lodigiana....We women are a tough breed!  ;)  I love how you portrayed the difficulties and struggles of these ladies at lunch, but made the point that that they are resilient..and those lunches serve to validate their bond and convictions and perseverance despite hardships of life....an important lunch meeting indeed!  All ladies should have this lunch gathering....to keep their sense of humor in tact and get such healing for the spirit.  I enjoyed. xo ;)    


I believe Friends are such an important part of our lives ..you dont  even have to have a multitude of them ! One or two will do the job just as well. They really can be the best therapy we can ever have..we can laugh, cry, get angry or share joy with them . My friends have helped me conserve my sanity sometimes..mostly because they are  even crazier than I am! I love our get togethers! Thanks so much Cherie for reading and commenting..if we were nearer you would love our group! xxx