Poem -

Let Go

Let Go

Let go 
Let go of that
One scar which bleeds even after years 
One word which burnt you alive 
One failure  which took all your confidence 
One fear which stopped you from moving forward 
One person who hunted you down 
One unrequited love that didn't work out 
One demon which pulls you down all the way to that hell
Let go
Let it all go
After Every Dawn 
There is Sunrise 
After Every  End 
There is a Beginning 
After Every Full Stop
There can be a Continuation 
Let Go
Let go of the past 
All those are in the past tense
Once done is done 
Nothing can be changed 
Let's Begin a new page 
Let's Breathe
Let's live in the  Present 
Create New Meaningful pages of Life. 
A cheer from me for the  New Beginning. 


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Tony Taylor

Hi RAMYA!!......I REALLY like what you've done here..... It almost comes across as a poetic meditation in which you use positive affirmations as your mantra for change ~

          ~ "Let go, let it all go, after every dawn there is sunrise..."
             "Let go, let go of the past..."
              "So, let's begin a new page, let's breathe...."

It's such a positive piece of poetic advice......ALL STARS!!...... well done dear poet sister!!....... and....... in case no one has said so........WELCOME to COSMO!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧✴❤


Ramya Chandramohan

Your words made my  day.... Thank you so much for your positive  words... ❤️😊