Poem -

Silent bullet

Silent bullet

Every time when i come across the  fact 
That you are not next to me 
 It Hits me like a silent bullet
Invisible blood drips from my  heart
Visible warm tears says that am still alive
On this lonely night 
I look at the empty bed
Where you are supposed to hold me
My hand traces for your trace which is nowhere to be found 
A slow whimper leaves my chapped lips 
To let out the pain
Who triggered the  Gun? 
My brain or my heart?
My brain says it's  my heart 
My heart says it's  my brain 
On the battle between  My heart and  Brain
My brain wants to punch my  heart
My heart wants knock some sense to My brain 
After a while they  got paralysed 
Leaving my longing Soul all alone 
When numbness took over me 
My soul said she knows the truth
That Everything about your being 
Will trigger the Gun 
Because  after all you are my Soul mate 


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Beautifully written angel 


Your very welcome angel